QA in Russian HE: integration with European approaches – integration into European space
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QA in Russian HE: integration with European approaches – integration into European space
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Over the past years, the situation in the Russian Federation has undergone significant changes due to economic and demographic reasons, modernization of the state educational policy, internationalization of higher education, and in particular due to Bologna process.

These reasons led to the transformation of the content and structure of the higher education system in Russia and has changed the procedures for quality assurance.

In December 2012, a new law “On Education in the Russian Federation” introduced new tools for assessing QAHE, allowing various forms of accreditation: both compulsory state accreditation of educational activities, public accreditation of universities and professional accreditation of degree programmes. Also, there is the possibility of international accreditation for recognizing educational programs for compliance with international standards developed and recognized by international QA agencies as well as a joint accreditation.

Russian Register believes that there is an urgent necessity to integrate the network of Russian QA agencies into the community of independent Agencies working in the European space and globally, to stimulate Russian universities to improve QA according to generally accepted standards in Europe, to ensure high competitiveness of higher and vocational education, student, teaching and staff mobility, to provide better visibility and transparency of QA in education.

To achieve those aims, it is necessary to integrate the existing approaches to QA in Russian HE with the European approaches.

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